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How to Choose the Best Pots for Your Balcony

If you have ever been serious about growing plants in pots you may have had the experience of choosing a lovely big pot only to find you couldn’t move it once it was filled with potting mix and the plant. You may have had to get a stand with wheels on it in order to shift it around the patio. However, if you are choosing pots for your balcony there is another reason to get lightweight pots and that is the strength of the balcony floor. Using a heavy pot may mean you are limited to only one pot, if weight restrictions apply. Don’t forget it will be even heavier once you water it.

So the best pots for a balcony are actually lightweight ones; then you will be able to –

  • Have more pots
  • Not worry about the weight restrictions
  • Be able to move them about without wheels.

However, even though they are lightweight, they should still be sturdy, especially if your balcony is a windy one. You don’t want your pot plant to roll about in the wind, dropping out all that good potting mix so the roots of your plant dry out while you are at work.


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3 Reasons why You Need Security Doors

Many homeowners take security for granted without actually checking to ensure that their home is safe. Or they may have a security door at the front, but none at the back. Since doors and windows are the obvious ingress points for a burglar, it makes sense to ensure all such openings are secure. If you have not thought too much about security, here are 3 reasons why your home needs security doors.

1: Security Doors Ensure Your Personal Safety

This may seem obvious, but unless you have been the target of a home invasion it will not really hit home. Having your home broken into is bad enough, but being the victim of a violent home invasion is much worse. It takes years to recover emotionally and mentally from such an attack and of course, the physical repercussions may be with you for months or years. If you happen to be at home when your house is robbed, you can often fall victim to an assault, even if that was not the main reason the invader broke in. Older people, especially, find it difficult to recover from such a trauma, while children can be badly affected and have nightmares for years afterwards. How much better would it be to prevent it from happening in the first place.


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Adding Elegance to Your Bathroom – Frameless Shower Screens

The bathroom is an important part of the house since every member of the family uses it. These days, having an elegant bathroom is considered essential, so what can you do to make your bathroom into a place that everyone will enjoy spending time in? The answer is easy. Add a frameless shower screen. There are many benefits –

  • With no solid walls to cast shadow in your small room it will look much bigger. Having a light, airy space will create elegance and offers the perception of space, making your bathroom look bigger than it actually is.
  • Being lighter makes it easier to see, so you don’t have to switch the light on quite so much – a benefit to the planet as well as to your wallet.
  • Enhances your lifestyle. When you have a bathroom that is pleasant to be in your lifestyle is enhanced, your stress levels go down and you can feel happier and more relaxed.
  • A frameless shower screen is easier to clean. The glass for the frameless screen is thicker to attain the required strength. With no frame to worry about you can get on with cleaning the glass with wide sweeps of the cloth. The job is done much more quickly.
  • Frameless shower screens are – pure and simple – more elegant than any other kind of shower screen. You will be proud of your bathroom once it is finished.


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4 Benefits of Installing a Home Lift

Mostly when we think of lifts we think of them in some commercial setting such as a high-rise apartment building or a hospital. We would certainly find it difficult to get around such places without having a lift to help, but what about installing a home lift? When you think about it, it is a really sensible idea. Here are 4 benefits of having a lift installed in  your home.

1: A home lift will increase the value of your home. If you get to the stage where you want to sell for any reason, having a home lift will mean that the selling reach is widened, making your home suitable to many more people such as older couples or those with a disability. Your home will very likely sell more quickly when there are more people for whom it is suitable. This will allow you to get on with the rest of your life instead of wasting time waiting for it to sell before you can really put your other goals into practice.


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