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Composite Decking Versus Timber Decking

Composite Decking Versus Timber Decking

One of the questions with regards to decking, possibly more than any other, is ‘What are the advantages or disadvantages of composite decking versus timber decking?’.

It is a very valid question, and before we answer it, we are going to be upfront and say that we are going to try to be as neutral as we can. There are always going to be differences of opinion with regards to certain products and services, and that is equally true when it comes to composite decking and timber decking.

Some favour the former, and others the latter so we are going to try our best to be as objective as we can as we go through some of the advantages and disadvantages of each of these two types of decking.

Look and Feel

This is one where your choice is going to very much be based on your personal preferences rather than on any kind of technical specification, however, let us try to give you some comparisons.


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Getting Rid Of The Pests And Bugs That Will Attack Your Garden

Getting Rid Of The Pests And Bugs That Will Attack Your Garden

Whether we consider a tiny garden with just a few plants or a garden masterpiece that has been crafted as a result of large landscaping design being implemented by one of the experts from, there is something which they both have in common, and that is they are likely to be attacked by pests and bugs.

It is often the bane of any gardener who has lovingly spent the time and effort to ensure all the flowers, trees, bushes, or shrubs that are planted in their garden are thriving, only to see them afflicted due to bugs undoing all that gardener’s good work.

One huge problem that arises from all this is that the number of different bugs that inflict damage on a garden is immense.  This means that often having dealt with one unwanted pest a gardener sees another taking up residence in their garden. The key point here is that they should never give in, and simply accept that dealing with bugs is going to be a continuous process.

If this sounds like an issue you are dealing with then here are some tips to help you deal with unwanted bugs in your garden.

Constantly Monitor Your garden

If you have ever heard the term ‘Nip it in the bud’, then what you have is a phrase whose origin comes directly from gardening albeit it relates to frost rather than bugs. Nevertheless, with a definition that means stopping something early on, by constantly monitoring your garden for signs of bugs and pests, you are more to prevent them from becoming a serious problem.


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How To Maintain Your Concrete Pool

How To Maintain Your Concrete Pool

One of the biggest benefits of concrete pools as opposed to pools made from other materials such as fibre glass, is their longevity. Landscapers at told us the lifespan of a concrete pool can be decades, however, that will only be the case if the pool is maintained properly. This is something which you can do for yourself, although there are companies you can hire to do the maintenance for you.

Regardless of whether you pay someone to do it for you, or you do it yourself, you certainly need to know what maintenance is required to keep a concrete pool in good condition so here are some of the main ways it should be done.

Skim The Surface

Inevitably the surface of your pool is going to have leaves, dead insects and other debris floating on top of the water. These can all cause algae to start growing if they are not removed therefore you should use a long-handled skimmer or net to remove anything that is floating on the surface of the pool as often as you can.

Brush The Floor And Walls

As well as the aforementioned algae, bacteria is also something which you do not want to linger in your concrete pool. The prime areas for algae and bacteria are the walls and the floor of the pool therefore these should be brushed at least once a week. Ideally use a brush with hard bristles, and if necessary attach a longer pole so you can reach the floor.

Vacuum Your Pool

In addition to weekly brushing, you can use a vacuum which can remove items of debris that have sunk to the floor such as leaves. Many home vacuums that are used for wet vacuuming can do the job. Alternatively there are special vacuums designed specifically for vacuuming pools.


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Top Tips to Ensure a Fast Move

If not planned and executed right, moving house can take a lot of time, effort and energy. It can cause arguments and disagreements, and ultimately, it can leave everyone feeling a little worse for wear. Using a professional removals company will help, but there’s still a lot that you and your family can do.

We’ve drawn on our years of industry experience to bring you a list of our top tips to ensure a fast move. On this list you will find a selection of useful information, so enjoy and good luck moving to your next house!

  1. Make Sure You’re Well Organised

The most important thing for ensuring a neat move is making sure that you’re very well organised. Plan well in advance, and be aware of everything that needs to happen on moving day. Consider:

  • The removal company and what time they’re arriving. You will need to have everything ready by then.
  • How long you will need to get your new home ready for the night.
  • A removals checklist that has exactly what needs to go where when you arrive at your new property.

It’s usually worth delegating tasks to different people to free up your mind a little. After all, moving house can be more than a little stressful!


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Why a Sod Lawn Might be Right for You

There’s something quite satisfying about growing a lawn from scratch. You sow the seeds, protect it from the hungry birds, and then it grows into something magnificent. Every time you look at it, you’re reminded that you’re the master of lawn care.

However, growing the perfect lawn is not something that everyone can achieve. It doesn’t mean you’re a terrible gardener, but not everyone has the same growing conditions, soil, or climate. Sometimes, a pre-grown sod lawn can be a better answer. So, in what situations would sod grass be better?

When You Don’t Have Time to Wait

Of course, growing grass from seed is satisfying, but instant gratification can be hard to pass up if it’s on the table. Sod lawn is instantly beautiful. There is no wading through mud while you wait for the grass to grow. There is no frustration at dirty carpets from muddy pawprints. There is no hassle or fuss. When you need a lawn, you buy one that’s already grown, and you have an instantly attractive yard.

It Can Cost Less

If you factor in the cost of fertiliser, seeds, weed control, and general nurturing, a sod lawn can often be more affordable than one you grow yourself. Many variables come into play, but if you are after a quick fix and would prefer one upfront cost instead of several over time, then sod could be for you.


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Quality Plumbers

Quality Plumbers

Is finding an experienced plumber all that difficult? There are enough stories from your friends or family about a disastrous result from hiring the wrong person to do some plumbing repairs or renovations. Is there a way to avoid a situation like that? How can you recognise if the local plumber is the right person for the job? Here are a few qualities you should be looking for in your plumber.

  • Cleans up after the job

Don’t you hate it when tradespeople leave the cleaning up to you after completing the job? A plumber should not be like a kid entering your home. Children have a tendency to leave a mess with wrappers, cups and toys left all over the place. You expect a neat and clean looking tradesperson when they arrive. A quality plumber that you hire should not leave a trace of their belongings in your home. Bits of cut pipe, wrappers off new equipment, dirt, and whatever else, should be removed from the work area as the tradesperson leaves. There’s an old saying about a person that takes pride in their appearance will take pride in their work.


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Moving House

What Not to do When Packing your Household Goods

Not everyone is an expert when it comes to knowing what to do when you’re moving house or moving your business. After all, moving house is hopefully one of those times in your life that doesn’t happen often, and if you’re an expert, it means you’ve relocated more than you wish to admit. However, even though you’re not an expert, or you plan on leaving the logistics to professional removalists, it’s helpful to know what not to do when you’re planning on making a big move. Chances are, being aware of those points can help the process go so much smoother.

Don’t leave change of address to the last minute

When you plan on changing your address, it’s helpful to tell your postal service, utility provider, children’s schools, doctors, vets, and the like, well in advance. It can be easy to believe this can be sorted upon arrival, but in the meantime, you might miss out on important mail, or even bills that need to be paid immediately. The fallout from an overdue or unreceived bill payment can be significant, as it may affect your credit score.


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Concrete Pool

Dive into a Concrete Pool

Have you ever wondered why some swimming pools look, sort of okay, nothing special, whilst others are simply stunning as part of a garden landscape, enhancing both the home and the outdoor area? If you’ve used professional pool builders, chances are that the superior beauty is because it’s a concrete pool. There’s no doubt that the swimming pool looks great because there has been a flexibility of design.

Cоnсrеtе swimming pools have a distinct difference to standard shaped fibreglass models. They tend to stand out from the average ready-made shapes and sizes for the following reasons:

Able to be сuѕtоm dеѕіgnеd – if you want a specific design because of the space available, or the shape of your yard, then the choice has to be concrete. If you order a custom pool, for example, then you will confer with the pool contractor / builder directly to create that unique, singular design. Thіѕ ѕtуlе оf ѕwіmmіng pool саn bе crafted tо іnсludе a variety оf ѕресіаl features, аѕ wеll. These саn be added durіng the design phase.

Individually Built and Hand Shaped – The creation and design of an inground concrete swimming pool requires the touch of an expert. Pool builders, working within the required specifications, take the time while working out and shaping the best pool design. This is the reason that regardless of the space available, the concrete pool can be designed to fit.


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Shade Sails Vs. Umbrellas

Shade Sails Vs. Umbrellas

Many businesses these days have outdoor customer areas and they see the need to provide shade, otherwise those people will go elsewhere so they don’t have to sit in scorching sun. However, there are several ways to ensure the customer area is shades and two of the most popular are with shade sails and sun umbrellas. So which is the best?



  • Sails offer a larger area of shade that can include tables, chairs, walkways and borders of the area.
  • The sail is higher, which allows more air and breeze to pass under and through the structure, so the area is cooler.
  • You get more UV protection from a sail and they are usually showerproof as well.
  • Commercial sails don’t have to be taken down; in fact they are not meant to be removed like residential ones are.


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Hardwood Flooring

Choosing Hardwood Flooring Over Carpet

In the midst of a house renovation you might have to make a consideration between laying carpet or installing timber flooring. Hardwood flooring has quite a few more positives than negatives when you start comparing it with carpet. Here are a few of the points to consider when trying to make that choice.

Timber Flooring is Modern Looking

You look at today’s innovative building designs. They are trending towards clean lines, simplicity, and that catch word ‘minimalism’. With a timber floor you get a blank canvas on which to express your personality. Carpet is kind of 70’s. It looked great in your parents’ house, in the lounge room, but it’s time your home zoomed into the 21st Century.


Commercial cleaner advise that you can easily clean a wooden floor with a sweep and a vacuum. Follow that up with a warm water mop to clean the surface and you’re good to go. The carpets will require a vacuum and more than likely a steam clean every few months from a carpet cleaning service, especially if you have pets and kids. Stubborn stains in carpet can be rather hard to remove. There are no stains on a timber floor (unless you spill acid and it eats into the wood). Marks from high heels can be repaired although some say it adds character. Scratch marks on timber floors are usually sustained by the coating rather than by the wood itself and easily fixed with a quick sanding.


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Designing Your Garden

Designing Your Garden

Does being a nature lover make you a better gardener? Well, not necessarily. However, it might determine the style of garden you finally design. Do you like a lot of turf? Lots of plants? Paved areas? Structures like gazebos or patios? When you make up your mind to take on the gardening project you can start with some drawings on a piece of paper to determine just how much room you have available. It always helps to have an image of what you want to do. The other advantage of doing a more detailed design plan is that you will avoid mistakes, which will cost money when buying materials and plants.

Here are some handy steps to consider:

Step 1 – Tools you might need

Let’s start with pencil and paper to draw your gardening plan. But in this tech age, you will find software available on the internet. Whichever you choose, getting the design down on paper or on your computer gives you something to follow.

Step 2 – What do you have already in place?

You know what you want in your design but what you want and what you have available might not always match. For example, if you want a large vegetable patch, and you have only a small garden space, it’s not going to happen. Be realistic about your space. Also, if you already have a nice garden feature such as a fishpond, you may want to keep that in your design.

Step 3 – Your Garden Boundaries

Measure the outskirts and plot them on paper or computer. The more accurate the better. Consider this part of your design as the canvas on which you will be working. Doing this by drawing in scale would be a great idea.

Step 4 – Your Theme

This is a fairly critical step because there are so many themes available. You don’t want a hodge podge of different themes. Here’s a few ideas:

  • Modern Style. Throw in some stainless steel and sensational paving using limestone or slate. The minimalistic look.
  • Traditional. Not really a theme because there are no standout features. Lawn, flower borders and a few trees.
  • Creative. Use existing structures already within the garden area. Maybe that old shed can be turned into a kid’s play area. Perhaps add a waterfall feature to the old fishpond.

Step 5 – Your garden features

This is the fun part and also the step that can cost the most. What gardening features do you want? The shape of the lawn, the style of paving, install some decking, create the plant and flower beds, build a patio. Work on ‘exciting’ and ‘beautiful’ for the features.


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Picking The Right Frames

Picking The Right Frames For Your Home

Every home has frames hanging on the walls. Some will contain paintings, many will be photographs, and there may even be certificates and awards displayed proudly for all to see. In most cases, the only thought that will have gone into each frame is whether or not it is hanging straight after it has been mounted. However, if you want the interior design of your home to utilise framed photos and paintings fully then more thought needs to be given to the whole process of choosing the frames you hang on your walls.

Obviously, one factor in the whole process will be how many rooms you have in your home. Large houses with 3 or more bedrooms and other rooms such as a study or separate dining room will have much more scope for both the quantity and the types of framed items you can display than a one-bedroom apartment. Nevertheless, whether your home is large or small you can still make choices about the sorts of framed pictures or photos you use.

One element to consider early on is whether the furniture, fixtures and general decor in your home are mainly traditional or modern. In many cases, there may be some overlap but most homes will tend to veer towards one or the other. If it is traditional then the sorts of frames you want to hang should reflect this, even if they are to be used for photographs instead of paintings or prints.


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Landscape Architect

Steps for Hiring A Qualified Landscape Architect

Quality landscape design along with proper backyard care can increase the worth of your home by almost 15 percent, as stated by NALP – the National Association of Landscape Professionals. The landscape design of a house is the first and foremost thing that grabs the attention of the visitors as well as the prospective buyers. Curb appeal plays a vital role in deciding the evaluation of a house. Such a scenario emphasizes the importance of hiring a qualified landscape architect.

A qualified landscape professional can help you with the designing, installation, as well as the maintenance of your spaces as per your specific requirements. Vocational and experienced landscape architects can assist in creating and orchestrating the complete design, installation, as well as maintenance of even the most complex landscapes. But with so many companies offering landscape services, it’s hard to decide whom to hire.

If you are also willing to hire the best landscape architect, following steps will serve as a guideline:

  1. Precisely define the details of your project

Landscape professionals can provide a whole spectrum of services. They can design landscapes, patios, decks. They can plan irrigation systems, swimming pools, and retaining walls. They can even create gazebos, living rooms, and outdoor kitchens. When you precisely define the scope and preferences of your project, the landscape professional will do the job right for your project.


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Recycled Fencing Ideas

9 Unusual Recycled Fencing Ideas

If you are the kind of person who loves the whimsical or quirky ornament in the lawn, you may also be interested in having a whole fence that is also unusual. Because the following fences use materials that would usually end up in landfill, they make the ideal sustainable fencing. Fencing contractors may not have heard of them, but most would be willing to erect the kind of framework needed to make use of them.

Not all councils would allow these kinds of fence, but if you are lucky enough to have few rules and regulations, you can often get these materials for free or almost free.

  • Surfboards make the ultimate picket fence with their pointed ends. They are colourful, offer privacy due to their height and don’t rust or rot. Add a strong timber framework to fix them in an upright position.
  • Tin tiles from old ceilings make a beautiful fence due to the ornamentation on them. You can paint them different colours or the same. These too, need to have a framework to hold them.


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Buying Outdoor Furniture

Some Things to Think About When Buying Outdoor Furniture

If you have a terrific outdoor entertaining area, you can make a real statement with some classy outdoor furniture. You can make your place look like a setting from Better Homes and Gardens, or look something like Davo’s Hang Out. You need оutdооr furniture fоr соmfоrtаblе seating and dіnіng. It’s not always an easy decision when choosing that garden furniture because not all outdoor furniture is made the same. We’ve put a few tips together to help you make that decision.

Before you pull that credit card from your wallet, make a small checklist to make sure your patio furniture has these key fеаturеѕ:


Your choice of furniture, whether it’s a single piece or an entire set, is a rather personal decision. Don’t opt for the common, boring, plastic chairs. Be a little creative, stylish, daring and choose some outdoor furniture that reflects the real you. The importance of great patio furniture in Australia cannot be underrated.


The most important feature? Comfort – plain and simple. If you’re not going to enjoy relaxing by the pool with a cold beer, what’s the point? These days furniture can be purchased which is ergonomically correct as well as comfy to sit or lounge in. That’s personal added value.


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