Why You May Need an Electrician When Painting Your Home

Many people successfully paint the exterior of their home and thus, save quite a bit on the cost of hiring professional painters. Painting a home is not that difficult, especially if it is a single storey on level ground and easy to reach to the top of the walls. However, you may need a good electrician. Why?

How long since you painted the outside of the home and really looked at things like the fascia board? Being up high, the fascia board is usually not noticed nearly as much as the lower parts of the walls. Yet it is exposed to wind and rain just as much or more than other areas. It can easily become rotten if it has not been kept painted all the time. If so, it will need to be replaced. You will be able to get such building supplies online or in store.

This may not be a problem unless the electricity is connected to the exterior of the home on that board. If it is – and this is the place where most homes are connected to the grid – you’ll need to have a qualified electrician from, come and switch the power off while you replace the board, then switch it back on afterwards.

So look at that fascia board before you start painting because you don’t want to get the job half done, then have to stop and wait a few days before an electrician can come.

While the electrician is there, you might want him to take care of a few other small jobs. He could

  • add a few extra power points or television connection points
  • replace those ancient light switches and
  • add some down lights in the kitchen
  • install proper smoke alarms since those that only work by battery don’t meet Australian standards any more.
  • put in ceiling fans or connect a range hood
  • wire in a new oven, and many more jobs around the home that will help to keep it looking smart and up to date.

This saves on the cost of travelling and it may save waiting even longer for those small jobs to be done, something that is often a problem in small country towns or on rural properties. In fact, if the wiring hasn’t been checked for several years, you may as well get him to do that too. You’ll be able to continue painting the home knowing that it is safe from an electrical fire.

When you keep the home well painted and maintained it will last a lot longer and keep its value as your biggest asset. And it will be a home to be proud of. A well maintained home always brings a good price when selling; another reason to ensure you keep it in good repair.