How to Get The Right Scaffolding for Your Project

There are as many different types of scaffolding as there are building projects. Each project has its own specific requirements and some require scaffolding that is quite unique in that the shape, load and design specifications are different from any other. Even if your project is not totally unique, you will still want to be sure that you get the right type of scaffolding for it. So how can you be sure?

Since most scaffolding is hired, you need to choose a reputable scaffold hire company that employs trained engineers to design the scaffolding you need. Sometimes, the engineer will deem it essential to come out to the building site to take a look at the geography and ground conditions of the layout as well as other essential features such as power lines that may be nearby. Other times they will simply work from the specifications and plans that you supply to them.

The company will then design a scaffolding that will work for your project and present it to you for your approval. It is important to make sure that the structure has been designed properly and also that the actual components of the scaffolding are of the right kind and strong material. The two main choices are aluminium and steel. Aluminium is light and strong, while steel is also strong, but heavier. It is generally chosen for a structure that is complex and larger.

There are many different types of scaffolding; not all is like what you see surrounding a huge building complex. There are smaller and more complex scaffolding layouts. For instance, the tower scaffold is as its name suggests in the shape of a tower, wide at the base and narrowing towards the top. While it has specific uses, it should never be used to hold up a long ladder or in the case of two towers, to support and walkway. It is not meant for that and could easily tip over.

Generally the scaffold designer will know what is needed once they have seen your building specifications and plans and have a good idea of what the building site contains.

Getting the right scaffolding includes pricing as well as type so it is wise to ask for quotes from at least three rental companies. Make sure you know exactly what the price includes and whether labour is also available, especially if you have a small workforce untrained in erecting scaffolding. Some rental companies offer labour, skilled tradesmen and supervisors while other offer only a supervisor who comes to the site to make sure your own staff erect the scaffold properly.

To ensure maximum safety, have the scaffold checked over at regular intervals and ask the workmen if they have any problems using it.

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