Is Your Pool Water Environmentally Friendly?

For many pool owners the pleasure of having a pool is somewhat spoiled by the work involved in keeping the water clean.  Worse still, pool cleaners are usually chemical based and it is now an established fact that chlorine and its by-products are simply not safe for your health or the environment. Robotic pool cleaners can be used and do a good job in removing organic substances, but it would be far better to not have chlorine in the water at all.

Chlorine is a chemical that is dangerous to our health. When children especially, play and swim in a pool they are quite likely to swallow some of the water. Even if it is not swallowed, it is absorbed by the skin and the gas that forms from it is inhaled by swimmers and watchers alike.

Since chlorine in the pool water has been linked to cancer, asthma, skin irritations and eye infections it is a wise person who looks for a better and safer alternative. For those who do a little online research the answer is clear. There are alternatives to chlorine. Not salt, which cannot be used without chlorine anyway.

Copper/silver diodes along with a special oxygenator will keep your pool water so clear and clean that it is even safe to drink. Some people who have installed it found that their pets prefer it to the tap water in their bowls. People who use it can’t get over the soft feel of pure water on their skin.

In addition, the pump used does not have to run for eight hours a day. It only takes four hours of filtering to clean the pool with this system. This is certainly environmentally friendly on its own, since it is a 50% save on the cost of power. In addition, there is a reduction in the cost of chemicals, while the pump and other parts last longer.

It is time everyone changed over to pool water that is environmentally friendly. If your children swim or play in the pool for hours every summer they are being exposed to harsh chemicals that can cause them many health problems. If they swim in an indoor public pool that is the worst of all, because the chemicals form gas that cannot dissipate in the wind and so the concentration is much higher. Worse still, if you are just there to watch them you are also inhaling the gas.

Everyone who has a pool should start to use more environmentally friendly alternatives to chlorine. Some people are so allergic to it that they simply cannot go swimming in such a pool, but must limit their swimming to the ocean or a river or lake. But by using a safer alternative in their home swimming pool they too, can enjoy all the health benefits of swimming.