14 Ways to Save Your Carpet from Birthday Party Mess

Every child loves to have or go to a birthday party. But if you have carpet in your home you may be wondering how you can save it from spilled drinks and food, or even from little shoes that get dirty on the bottom. Kids seem to run in and out all the time when they are excited and enjoying a party with their friends. So does this mean Carpet Cleaning Perth is your next job?

Here are some ways to save your carpet from the mess a kid’s birthday party often causes.

  1. Have the party table outside on the lawn so spilled food and drinks won’t matter.
  2. Have a Plan B in case of rain. Consider having the party in the carport/garage. Or install a deck ahead of time.
  3. If you have any room with no carpet, have the party there – excluding the bathroom, of course.
  4. Have the party at a fast food place that caters for such things.
  5. Purchase a used rug or use picnic rugs under and around the table to protect the carpet.
  6. At a pinch you could use a painter’s tarp, but make sure the corners are weighed down so no one can trip over it.
  7. If the party is to be held completely inside, ask the children to remove their shoes before they come in.
  8. Use drink bottles for the drinks so that even if they are knocked over, there will be no – or minimal – spills.
  9. Avoid messy, sticky foods such as jelly cakes or even pastries.
  10. Make sure the children sit down at the table while they eat and drink – easier said than done, perhaps, when everyone is hyper.
  11. Arrange for energetic games to happen before the food is produced so that children are more likely to be tired enough to sit for a while.
  12. Avoid serving foods and drinks high in sugar to help prevent children getting over excited and more likely to spill things.
  13. Add a plate or two of snacks such as cut apples, bananas or celery and carrot sticks. These are not so messy and at least some children will like them.
  14. Add mats or rugs to high traffic areas to minimise soiling on the carpet.

In addition to minimising mess on your carpet, be prepared for spills with plenty of thick paper towels and remember to blot liquid carefully from the outside in when cleaning spills from your carpet, so the stain doesn’t spread. Adding some purchased carpet stain remover to the cupboard ahead of the party will ensure you are prepared for any eventuality. The last thing to do is get some help on the day – then try and enjoy the party yourself.