Moving House

What Not to do When Packing your Household Goods

Not everyone is an expert when it comes to knowing what to do when you’re moving house or moving your business. After all, moving house is hopefully one of those times in your life that doesn’t happen often, and if you’re an expert, it means you’ve relocated more than you wish to admit. However, even though you’re not an expert, or you plan on leaving the logistics to professional removalists, it’s helpful to know what not to do when you’re planning on making a big move. Chances are, being aware of those points can help the process go so much smoother.

Don’t leave change of address to the last minute

When you plan on changing your address, it’s helpful to tell your postal service, utility provider, children’s schools, doctors, vets, and the like, well in advance. It can be easy to believe this can be sorted upon arrival, but in the meantime, you might miss out on important mail, or even bills that need to be paid immediately. The fallout from an overdue or unreceived bill payment can be significant, as it may affect your credit score.

Having your doctor’s records transferred to your new doctor, if you’re moving town, is equally as important. This process can take some time, and if any family member falls ill before this happens, it can cause no end of problems.

Don’t pack stuff you don’t need to take

If that old TV, office desk, or couch in the garage doesn’t need to come with you when the removalist arrives, then don’t take it. Of course, leave the property pristine upon your exit, but arrange to sell, donate, or throw out, anything that doesn’t need to make an appearance at your new home. When you’re making your way through the house, packing possessions into boxes, it’s convenient just to pack up everything and sort it out when you get there, but the chances of you finding a spot for useless junk in your new home is just as likely. Use the moving process as an opportunity to declutter, and don’t let unwanted items make their way into your new home.

Don’t pack the kitchen until last

Most people want to get the packing process finished sooner rather than later, but the kitchen is not an area you want to tackle until last. Moving can be stressful, and you need hearty, nutritious meals to see you through. If you’ve packed away all your spices, bowls, oils, and everything you need to continue cooking for your family, you’re going to have to rely on takeaways which aren’t the most nutritious option. You can pack away all those bulky appliances that are only used on occasion but don’t attack the kitchen until at least the day before.

Don’t skimp on box quality

Not all packing boxes are created equally. Boxes you receive from your removalist are designed to handle heavy weight, but supermarket boxes aren’t. Instead of using any box you can find, make a point of getting proper moving boxes. They are often reinforced in the bottom and are unbranded to help your own labelling stand out a lot better.

Moving house requires you to be organised, but not everyone is an expert at it. Follow these tips about what not to do, and you’ll find the process goes a lot smoother for you and your family.