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Fabulous 6 Natural Stone Decking for Pools

The vicinity surrounding your pool plays a significant part to give your pool the right character and style. Enlisted below are 6 natural stone pool decks options to transform a simple pool setting to an extraordinary one.

  1. Travertine: Quite an ideal choice for setting up an opulent pool deck. This material is preferred mostly for its:
  • Durability
  • Porous nature, allowing it to absorb water immediately, leaving the deck dry and safe at all times.
  • Propensity to always be cool to touch
  • Enduring feature through all weather conditions, including freeze/thaw.
  • Distinctive colors- ivory, brown and gold
  1. Flagstone: This flat slab of natural paving is perfect for around the pool installation. A huge number of pool owners are fond of this pool deck material for-
  • Its huge array of shapes and sizes to create an extraordinary pool deck
  • Its textures and colors are rich in earth tones
  • Its facet to survive regular usage while defying humid temperatures and keeping the surface slip-free
  • Its low on maintenance and can be installed easily

Two types of Flagstone include- Bluestone and Slate

  • Bluestone is the best pick for an outdoor setting that is enclosed by a natural scenery
  • Slate is a type of stone decking that suits traditional and natural spaces flawlessly.
  1. Limestone: Limestone is a building material that is famed across the globe for making decking a hassle-free process. On top of that, limestone is-
  • Robust
  • Long lasting. It can withstand the test of time irrespective of harsh climatic conditions
  • It has a way to charm spectators with its warm and earthy look
  • Exclusive looking. Its looks make pool designers opt for it for pool coping as well.
  • Available in a huge assortment of shapes and sizes cut to suit individual requirements. Color-wise, there are infinite choices like blue, pink, brown, grey and a lot more.

  1. Sandstone: This is a typical pool decking selection most preferred by pool designers as they can avail any volume of material required without bothering about the intense color variety. Consisting of quartz particles sandstone is:
  • Remarkably robust
  • Is basically red or brown in color
  • For pools with striking color and texture, even-tones sandstone is the ultimate companion
  1. Coral stone: It is a pool decking most specifically enjoyed in the tropical areas. Coral stone pool decking can also be installed at other sites that face extreme weather conditions like freezing or thaw.
  • Coral stone includes shell sand, coral, fossils, and limestone which toughens naturally to resist changes in the climate
  • Heavy foot traffic, saltwater, chemical in pool water, and so on are not an issue with coral stone pool decking and coping
  • Maintenance required is minimal and effortless
  • They absorb hardly any heat and remain dry making the surface non-slip
  1. Granite: This is just the absolute pick for pools that have a natural design. Granite stone decking also suits stylish settings precisely. They are made up of quartz. Granite is generally well-known for being the hardest natural stone that maintains a constant look and beat all hazards to last through time.