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10  Reasons to Choose a Colorbond Roof

The roof is like a lid for your home. Just like a lid on anything else, it is meant to keep out moisture and preserve the contents of the home in good order – including the occupants. If you are building a new home or renovating an old one you will need to decide what kind of roof you want. Here are ten reasons to choose Colorbond roofing.

    1. Colorbond is made from steel with a baked on coloured surface which stops the steel from rusting and enhances the whole home. Steel is a strong material, yet it is light compared to some other roofing materials.  It has been made especially for Australian conditions that can be baking hot during the day and frosty cold at night.
    2. Because the sheets are large, the roof will be finished quickly, saving time and costs on labour.
    3. There are many colours to choose from, meaning you can create a nice colour scheme overall. The colours reflect those found in our Australian environment.
    4. A steel roof may sound as if it will be hot, but nearly all the colours have thermal technology and reflect the sun’s rays, thus providing insulation. When there is also insulation in the ceiling your home will be cool in summer and warm in winter.
    5. Colorbond roofing is a popular choice in Australia so your home will blend in with others in the district.

  1. Many people love the sound of rain on the roof. With a Colorbond roof you will certainly hear the rain, something you cannot experience with tiles.
  2. Colorbond roofing is ideal for rainwater harvesting as dirt and dust blow off it easily and it does not absorb water like some tiles do.
  3. You can create a beautiful external colour scheme by using the same colour sheets for a feature wall, fence, water tank or garden shed.
  4.  Colorbond roofing sheets suit many different styles of homes from city dwellings to suburb and country. It can be curved and cut into any shape with relative ease.
  5. Colorbond is easy to maintain, needing only a hose and brush down every so often when sticks or leaves appear. These usually blow off sloped roofs, but may stay on a flat roof for longer.

It is easy to see the many advantages of using Colorbond roofing as the new roof for your home. To choose a colour, you can get samples sent or pick them up from a supplier. These give a much better indication of colour than the samples on a website. Colorbond sheeting should never be scratched as the coloured surface will degrade, so it is a good idea to have it installed by a professional. You can also download a PDF with more information about Colorbond from the website.