Landscape Architect

Steps for Hiring A Qualified Landscape Architect

Quality landscape design along with proper backyard care can increase the worth of your home by almost 15 percent, as stated by NALP – the National Association of Landscape Professionals. The landscape design of a house is the first and foremost thing that grabs the attention of the visitors as well as the prospective buyers. Curb appeal plays a vital role in deciding the evaluation of a house. Such a scenario emphasizes the importance of hiring a qualified landscape architect.

A qualified landscape professional can help you with the designing, installation, as well as the maintenance of your spaces as per your specific requirements. Vocational and experienced landscape architects can assist in creating and orchestrating the complete design, installation, as well as maintenance of even the most complex landscapes. But with so many companies offering landscape services, it’s hard to decide whom to hire.

If you are also willing to hire the best landscape architect, following steps will serve as a guideline:

  1. Precisely define the details of your project

Landscape professionals can provide a whole spectrum of services. They can design landscapes, patios, decks. They can plan irrigation systems, swimming pools, and retaining walls. They can even create gazebos, living rooms, and outdoor kitchens. When you precisely define the scope and preferences of your project, the landscape professional will do the job right for your project.

  1. Determine the duration of which the company has been in business

Professional landscape companies often have several years of experience. Additionally, they are also active members in various national as well as state landscape associations. Affiliation signifies the work excellence and progressiveness of a company.

  1. Always opt for a landscape company having a proper license, certificate of credibility or insurance

The company you are hiring must be certified or licensed. This license ensures the accountability of the contractor. It also indicates that the business is operating legally, is knowledgeable, has the required domain experience, and possesses a level of professionalism.

  1. Specify your landscape design and budget

Whether you want to extend your living space or to look for a low maintenance landscape; you must decide your budget before contacting any landscape professional.

  1. Determine contractual details

Check all contractual details regarding company limits as well as policy expiration. Identify their active safety programs, if any, to minimize accidents. Understand the circumstances leading to liability for mishaps or accidents occurring on your property.

  1. Visit an in-progress job

Examine the quality of an ongoing job to see if the company is worth your expectation.

  1. Ask for a written plan

Get the details of the plan in writing. The plan must include the design, materials to be used, costing, timeline as well as the terms of payment.

  1. Know the services provided under ongoing maintenance

Ongoing maintenance services involve pest control, mowing, and fertilizing.

You can interview several companies, contact reliable references, and refer local, state as well as national trade associations to hire the best landscaping professionals.