What Your Cat Needs Inside Its Cat Enclosure

What Your Cat Needs Inside Its Cat Enclosure

There is a misconception amongst many people, including cat owners that cats prefer to stay indoors. This may be down to the fact that cats generally do not like wet weather, but if you were to investigate further you will find that many cats love being outdoors, and one of the best ways to allow them to do so safely, is with a cat enclosure.

A cat enclosure can be a DIY project for enthusiasts but the wisest choice, especially with respect to your cat’s well-being, is to purchase your cat’s enclosure from a dedicated pet enclosure supplier. They will have a number of options ranging from simple netting to a full-sized prefabricated cat enclosure that your cat will love spending hours inside and it can do so in perfect safety.

Once they have their own cat enclosure your cat can sleep, rest, play, scratch, meow, eat, drink, and do what ultimately comes naturally in their own private space. Best of all from your point of view, they will not be doing any of that indoors, so issues such as noise, scratched furniture, and accidents on the carpet will not arise whilst they are outdoors in their backyard cat enclosure.

A couple of the activities we mentioned there were playing and scratching, and these are important to a cat’s well-being. It allows them to expend the energy they have and means that even if they are somewhat destructive, whether it be from energetic climbing and jumping, or with their scratching, they are not damaging anything in your home.

However, you cannot simply place a cat in a cat enclosure and effectively leave them ‘to get on with it. There are a number of items that your cat should have in their pet enclosure so that they get the most benefit from it.

The first priority should be to place their litter box in there so that when the need arises they know where they should go. Cats are instinctively clean animals and with the enclosure being their own little home from home, they will be more than keen to keep it clean.

Next, you should have a bed in the cat enclosure or at least something which is comfortable enough that they can curl up on and rest or sleep. Bear in mind if your cat enclosure is to be used by more than one cat the bedding needs to large enough for both of them to lie on.

Another highly desirable item you will want in the cat enclosure is something for your cat to scratch. The simplest option would usually be a scratching post although there are lots of scratching accessories that come in all shapes and sizes. Some of these double up both as something the cat can scratch and as an activity centre where the cat can climb, jump, and sit on the top tier as king or queen of the castle.

Finally, you might want to consider providing your cat with other toys in its cat enclosure. These are the small toys that it can playfully attack and chase such as woolly mice, plastic birds, and fish dangling from a pretend fishing rod. No matter how active your cat might be once it has had a few hours playing with all those toys and accessories it will be more than ready to take a nap in the peace, calm, and safety of its personal cat enclosure.