7 Stubborn Stains That High Pressure Cleaning Can Remove From Residential Properties

7 Stubborn Stains That High Pressure Cleaning Can Remove From Residential Properties

If you have recently discovered that the exterior of your home and the outside surfaces of your property have more than their fair share of stains, and worse they are stains that are not easily removed, then it may be time to call in a high pressure cleaning company to remove them. Alternatively, you could hire a high pressure washer and remove the stains yourself, but be aware this requires plenty of preparation and no small amount of effort on your part.

Whichever way you decide, high pressure cleaning is the ideal way to get rid of marks, stains, and other blights on the exterior of your home, including the walls, roof, pathways, and driveway. A bucket of water and some dish soap will most definitely not be able to deal with these. Instead, it will require the powerful jets of water that high pressure cleaning utilises. As for the specific stains that high pressure cleaning can deal with, below are seven of the most common.

#1 – Chewing Gum

Regardless of whether you think chewing gum is a bad habit or not, what most certainly is bad is it being dropped on the ground. There it hardens, can be stood on, and sticks rigidly to the hard surface below making it even more difficult to remove, which is why high pressure cleaning is necessary.

#2 – Graffiti

Whether done by some local vandals, or by your beloved children who think drawing on the walls of your home is fun, you will obviously want to be rid of whatever has been scrawled or written. High-pressure cleaning can remove graffiti from bricks, metal, wood, and sidings made from man-made materials.

#3 – Mildew & Mould

Not only do mould and mildew look unsightly, but they can also damage surface materials, and worst of all, they present a health hazard for everyone living in your home, especially anyone with asthma or other respiratory conditions. Mould and mildew are no match for a high pressure washer which quickly removes them as well as also cleaning the surfaces below.

#4 – Paint

No matter how careful you or someone else is when doing external paintwork might be, accidents such as spills, splashes, and drips can happen. If allowed to dry, the paint can be a nightmare to remove, that is until you employ a high pressure cleaner that will quickly remove it. You can also use it to remove flaking or peeling paint from fences,  walls, or sidings.

#5 – Oil & Grease

Driveways are the most at risk from oil and grease that can leak or spill when maintaining your car. Not only do they spoil the appearance of the driveway, but they can also cause damage to it too. A high pressure cleaner, with a little help from some degreasing solution, will remove oil or grease in no time.

#6 – Rust

This applies to any homeowner who has metal surfaces on the exterior of their home such as gates, guttering, pipes, or metal siding. If they show signs of rust, a high pressure cleaner can remove these so that you can repair or recoat them.

#7 – Lime/Calcium Deposits

Anyone with a water feature will be especially mindful of this, although lime and calcium deposits can appear on any surface which has been made wet from rain, or if adjacent to exterior pipework. They create an unsightly residue that clings to surfaces, which is why high pressure cleaning is required to remove them.

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