5 Landscape Design Tips That Help To Increase Property Values In Sydney

If you own a property in Sydney, it should be no secret to you that house prices in that fine city are not just the highest in New South Wales but in the whole of Australia; even so, there are still means of increasing the value of your property even higher, with landscaping being one of the most effective.

For those that are not familiar with landscaping or landscape design, it is the means of transforming a garden from what might be just four fences and a lawn into a stunningly beautiful outdoor space with native plants, fixed features such as ornaments, outdoor living areas, and many other landscaping features.

The point we wish to focus on and explore further is how the landscaping is not just beneficial for you and your family while you continue to live at your current property. Still, the price quoted or realised will be higher due to it being there at the time to value it or sell it. Here are some of the most influential landscape design tips that can make those property value increases in Sydney a reality.

Planting Trees

If you ask every landscape design professional in Sydney their number one tip for landscaping to increase property prices, the vast majority will answer with one word: trees. Depending on the type of tree and the property size a tree can add anything up to $15,000 to a home’s value.

However, it is not just a case of planting any tree anywhere in the garden. Placement is crucial, especially because account of the tree’s roots and the potential risk of root damage has to be taken as they grow. Also, branches falling and leaf clearing are other potential issues to be aware of when landscaping and selecting where any tree should be positioned.

Easy Management

Imagine you were buying a home that has a beautiful and appealing garden, but the current owners spell out to you that it has a list as long as your arm of all the management and maintenance it requires. Would you buy it? More to the point, would you offer above or below market price for that property?

That scenario could occur when you sell your home, and if you have landscaping whose management and maintenance require hours of labour, lots of equipment, and plenty of effort, then do not expect top dollar. So, when designing your landscaping, make it a low-maintenance garden.

Increased Privacy

Many homeowners in Sydney take such pride in their landscaping that they are happy for passers-by to see it as they glance over low hedges and fences. However, most see their gardens as havens where they can relax and, most importantly, have complete privacy.

This means you are more likely to realise a higher price for your property if the landscape design maximises privacy by using thick bushes, fencing, and walls, for example.

Water Features

One of the great things about water features, besides the fact that they are highly desirable to those considering buying your property and thus increasing its value, is their diversity. From the smallest of gardens with a small birdbath to massive properties with swimming pools or a fountain, a water feature can be utilised in every landscape design, wherever they might be in Sydney.

Eco-Friendly Landscaping

Apart from a few people who deny that global warming exists and are therefore not interested in protecting the environment, most people who might view your property with a thought to buying will want to be seen as living in an environmentally friendly fashion.

You can provide this instantly to them if they buy your home by having a landscaped garden that has been created to be sustainable with potential features such as an irrigation system that uses water recycling, composting, and solar-powered lighting.

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