What Type of Fencing is Best for Homes

There are many different types of fencing for homes and the one you choose may depend on your location or the main reason for fencing your home. For instance, if you live on a farm, you may need to have a stock fence of barbed wire around your home just to keep the cows off your lawn and stop them munching up your flowers. But if you live in a residential area you are likely to need a fence for a different reason.

Reasons for Fencing

For instance, you may simply want a fence to mark out the boundaries of your block. But if you have trouble with children riding their bikes over your lawn and gardens, you would want a sturdier fence than just a pretty boundary marker.

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Many people these days choose a fence for security reasons. This means that the fence will need to be high enough so that no one can climb over it, and sturdy enough that it cannot be pulled down or have a hole cut in it.

If the sole purpose of the fence was to retain your toddlers from wandering onto the road, it would need to reach right down to the ground level and be the kind of fence that provided no foothold for mischievous toes to climb up.

For many people, the reasons for installing a fence are multiple. They want something that –

  • marks their boundary
  • looks attractive
  • is durable and low maintenance
  • contains the family safely and
  • keeps out intruders.

All these reasons are important. If the boundary is marked it will usually prevent people from inadvertently walking on your lawn. If it looks attractive it will increase the value of the home. Durability and low maintenance will reduce the costs of upkeep. The last two points are probably the most important. Children need to be kept safe and intruders must be kept out.

Steel Security Fencing

Usually, a security fence will do all these jobs, although some people may not like those black steel posts encircling their home. It is possible these days to have another colour rather than black – green and brown will blend in better with the surrounding landscape. You can also have a garden nearby to soften the look of a fence. But make sure you don’t grow something that will give an intruder a foothold up over the fence. Some vines are strong enough to withstand a person climbing up over them. Small trees can also help someone climb over.

Timber Fencing

The style of some homes just begs for a picket fence, even though these are higher maintenance and can burn down in a bushfire. However, you might feel that the added attractiveness is worth those two problems. Picket fences can be made stronger with the addition of steel or concrete posts. If they are fairly high and each paling has a pointed top, they will go a long way to keeping out intruders. Keeping them painted will help to prevent the timber from rotting – of course, you will use hardwood for durability and strength. Another advantage is that you can choose from any colour in the paint range to make your picket fence look really attractive. Don’t forget to check with the council what kind of fence is allowed in your area.