Adding Elegance to Your Bathroom – Frameless Shower Screens

The bathroom is an important part of the house since every member of the family uses it. These days, having an elegant bathroom is considered essential, so what can you do to make your bathroom into a place that everyone will enjoy spending time in? The answer is easy. Add frameless shower screens. There are many benefits –

  • With no solid walls to cast shadow in your small room it will look much bigger. Having a light, airy space will create elegance and offers the perception of space, making your bathroom look bigger than it actually is.
  • Being lighter makes it easier to see, so you don’t have to switch the light on quite so much – a benefit to the planet as well as to your wallet.
  • Enhances your lifestyle. When you have a bathroom that is pleasant to be in your lifestyle is enhanced, your stress levels go down and you can feel happier and more relaxed.
  • Frameless shower screens are easier to clean. The glass for the frameless screen is thicker to attain the required strength. With no frame to worry about you can get on with cleaning the glass with wide sweeps of the cloth. The job is done much more quickly.
  • Frameless shower screens are – pure and simple – more elegant than any other kind of shower screen. You will be proud of your bathroom once it is finished.

How Frameless Shower Screens are Fitted

By using toughened glass that is really thick, frameless shower screens don’t need frames for support. They use 10mm thick glass that is quite capable of providing all the support that is needed without any additional frames. The panes of glass are fixed to the surrounding walls and floor with small stainless steel fittings that are only a few centimetres high. Hinges for the door appear to be fixed to the tiles, but in fact, the screws go through the tile into the timber behind them, making them supremely strong and safe.

Door or No Door?

A popular trend is to have a door-less shower so you will only need one pane of glass on the opposite side of the shower head to prevent splashing. Having no door is really helpful for anyone with a disability, too. If you prefer a door, sliding or pivot options are usually available. Which one you can have may depend on your space and the design of the shower.

Glass Pattern

While the trend today is to have clear glass for a minimalist look, you can get patterned glass as well. This offers some modicum of privacy for those who want it and can also add elegance to your bathroom. However, it is wise to think carefully about whether it will make your bathroom space seem smaller. The advantage of patterned glass is that streaks will not show up on it.

A Customised Design

Just like other showers, frameless showers come in a variety of sizes and shapes: –

  • Rectangular
  • Square
  • Round
  • Curved front with flat back

You can also have yours customised to suit a specific space and size in your bathroom. This is especially great for renovations and can enable you to install a shower where there may not have been one previously. A frameless shower screen is guaranteed to give a sleek smooth finish to the bathroom.