3 Reasons why You Need Security Doors

Many homeowners take security for granted without actually checking to ensure that their home is safe. Or they may have a security door at the front, but none at the back. Since doors and windows are the obvious ingress points for a burglar, it makes sense to ensure all such openings are secure. If you have not thought too much about security, here are 3 reasons why your home needs security doors.

1: Security Doors Ensure Your Personal Safety

This may seem obvious, but unless you have been the target of a home invasion it will not really hit home. Having your home broken into is bad enough, but being the victim of a violent home invasion is much worse. It takes years to recover emotionally and mentally from such an attack and of course, the physical repercussions may be with you for months or years. If you happen to be at home when your house is robbed, you can often fall victim to an assault, even if that was not the main reason the invader broke in. Older people, especially, find it difficult to recover from such a trauma, while children can be badly affected and have nightmares for years afterwards. How much better would it be to prevent it from happening in the first place.

2: Security Doors Prevent Loss of Assets

Many people keep valuable assets in their homes besides things such as the sound system and television. If it is broken into, these items will surely be stolen along with the TV. Jewellery, works of art, vintage wine and cash will all go to the burglar instead of you and your family. You may lose family heirlooms that are impossible to replace. Even if they do not have monetary value, their value to your family is priceless. Having them stolen or smashed is unthinkable; security doors can prevent this from occurring.

3: Security Doors Help with Insurance

People take out insurance against the possibility of loss and the more valuable the assets are that you need to insure, the higher those premiums will be. Insurance costs are ongoing as the premium has to be paid every year.  Suppose you had paid thousands in insurance over the years only to find after a robbery that the insurance company would not pay, or would not pay as much as you expected?  Is this possible? If you have not installed reasonable security, it is. Insurance companies like to know that the likelihood of them having to pay you for your loss is small and in their favour. If they find you have not installed adequate security, it is possible that they will not pay you. On the other hand, if they know you do have excellent security in your home, they will pay up without any problems and may even reduce the cost of the premiums.

Remember, having a security door at the front of the house is good, but having one at the back at well is essential too. Few determined robbers are put off by the high fence that often divides the back from the front. Fences can be climbed. If the back doors in your home are not protected with security screens they will provide a place for the burglars to invade your home. Windows should also be secured.