What to Grow Near Your Security Fencing – So it Won’t be Compromised

Nearly every home has beautiful landscaping surrounding it. Not only does this add value to the property; it also makes living there more pleasant because it creates shade and can add privacy. However, it is important to ensure any garden – especially trees and shrubs – do not interfere with the security fencing.


Trees can grow tall enough to tower over any fencing nearby, but make great living privacy fences. If they have low overhanging branches, it is highly likely that an intruder on the outside of the fence could use them as an aid to climb over. If the fence is out of sight of the home and if a branch falls over the fence after a storm or due to disease, it can also provide a way in.  Tree roots may also damage the fence posts, making them unstable and easy to pull out. However, some trees may be fine and not interfere with the security fencing. Smaller trees of conical shapes would be safe; just keep any larger trees away from the fence. Trees that have a tall trunk and fronds at the top like many palms are also safe to grow near a fence. Remember, while a small tree sapling may look innocuous, you need to envisage its size and shape when it is fully grown. That way you will know whether it is safe or not.


Some people love to grow vines along their fence line. They not only look attractive and provides privacy, they also soften the lines of a security fence and help to hide it. You might feel that this will help you not to feel as if you are imprisoned behind your own security fence. However, some vines have really tough stems and they will twine through that fence to give people on the outside a foothold, allowing them to climb over. Make sure when you plant a vine near the fence that it is a delicate one with small stems that break off easily. That way you won’t be helping an intruder to climb over your fence.


Hedges are great privacy screens and can cast welcome shade on a hot day as well as being visually attractive. But if you were thinking about growing a hedge alongside your security fencing it may not be a good idea for several reasons.

  • It will make maintenance of the fence difficult
  • The fence will make maintenance of the hedge e.g. pruning, difficult.
  • If you don’t prune it regularly, branches may protrude through the fence and become an aid to climb over.

The Garden

Gardens need to be dug up and watered and this softens the soil – good for plants but not for posts. Make sure that you don’t dig too deeply around the posts in your security fence as this can make them unstable so it is easy for someone to push them over. It is a good idea to have concrete footing along the whole length of the fence so that the garden will not interfere with it in any way. Once you have decided to have a garden along the perimeter, make sure you use flowers and shrubs that are small and contained, and have stems that will not support anyone’s weight, just in case they grow through the fence. You can have the benefit of a lovely garden without compromising the security fencing in any way once you put these tips into practice.