The Ideal Solution for Limited Mobility – Install a Lift

People with limited mobility find it difficult to go up and down stairs whether they are elderly or young with some physical limitation. Very often children and young adults have been injured in a car accident or contracted some disease that prevents them climbing stairs.  Yet they may have a lovely home with more than one storey, or if it is built on a hilly location, the garage may be underneath and the home is above. This requires going up steps that can be very difficult to negotiate. The ideal solution are lifts, specifically to install disability lifts.

Advantages of a Lift for Young Adults

In fact, even those who are young and strong may find going up stairs difficult at times during their life. When you have a baby, the nursery is usually upstairs in a two storey home. Imagine the difficulty – and danger – of carrying a tiny baby or wriggling toddler, not to mention all their paraphernalia, up and down the stairs. There is the pram or stroller, the baby seat or capsule, the walker, various large toys and many packets of disposable nappies, to mention just a few.

Being a mother is hard work without having to carry heavy things up and down the stairs. Then there are those nights when baby is sick or has colic and never seems to settle. You will be trailing up and down stairs in the half dark, sometimes with wailing baby in your arms. It is not a good feeling to think about falling at such times.

Using a Lift in Sickness

And what about when the older children are sick, or if one of them broke a leg in a fall? Carrying an older child downstairs where they can have your company while they recuperate is likely to put your back out. Compare this will simply putting them in the lift and pressing a button – there is really no comparison.

Of course, any mothers that have to contend with a child in a wheelchair permanently will immediately see what a benefit it will be to have a lift installed in their home. It means you can choose the kind of home you really like, instead of having to settle for one that is all on the same level because you could never get a child in a wheelchair up the stairs.

A Lift is Ideal for Older Couples

Older couples often have limited mobility and have to use a walker or a wheelchair. They too, are restricted to a single level home without the benefit of a lift. Having a lift in the home will allow them to be much more independent. They can even take their motorised wheelchair upstairs in the lift and back down again when they want to go out.

Limited mobility is not good, but its bad effects can be mitigated by using useful aids in the home. A home lift must be one on the best things for helping such people maintain their independence and their happiness. When you can come and go as you please it means you have more freedom and you can then spend time in the garden, downstairs or upstairs all without any more effort than pushing a button. Better still, an elderly couple can stay together and enjoy their golden years in each other’s company rather than being separated due to the limited mobility of one.