Safe Gate Tips for Security Fencing

When you have security fencing installed it is usually for a reason. That means there must be no weak points in its length, or else it may as well not be there. One of the weakest points can be the gate – unless you also make sure that the gate is a strong one and designed in the same way as the fence.  Thus, if your fence has a topping of wire or steel that slopes outwards, the gate should have the same thing. Otherwise it will become a focal point for intruders and allow easy access.

Weak Points in a Safety Gate

However, there are other considerations for a gate if it is to be a safe one. Any moving thing will have possible weak points in it to help it move. The hinges and locks for a gate can be considered weak points if they are not made of strong materials that cannot be taken apart. It won’t matter how strong the hinges are if the screws or bolts holding it to the gate can be undone. Likewise, the catch for the gate must be strong, but if the attachments can be easily removed, anyone will be able to take it off and get in.

Tamper proof screws and other hardware will ensure that every part of the gate is strong and that it cannot be taken off its hinges by an unauthorised person.

Sliding Security Gates

Sliding gates don’t have hinges, of course. Their weak spot is more likely to be that they can be lifted off their tracks. This can be prevented by using trackless sliding gates or ensuring that the design of the track prevents the gate from lifting off. Sliding gates are ideal for many applications and can facilitate traffic flow in certain situations. They can also be the answer when there is not enough room for swinging gates to open out fully.

Automatic Security Gates

Not all gates are automatic, but it can facilitate ease of entry and movement for authorized personnel to have automatic gates, whether they slide or swing open. Depending on what type it is and on the owner’s needs, an automatic gate can have

  • electric or magnetic locks
  • digital timing for opening and closing
  • audio or visual intercoms
  • remote control
  • digital keypad
  • photocell sensors

Many gates can be hooked up to the security system that is already in place, making their use much easier.

It is often the case that a security gate is left open all day and only needs to be closed after the last workman leaves to go home at the end of the working day. Such a gate would not need to be automated, but it would still need to have all those other security features mentioned. Ensuring that the gate is as strong as the fence may seem obvious, but it can be overlooked when there are many other things to think about.

Another thing that is important is to make the location of the gate obvious, especially in locations where the road is a dirt one and can easily blend into the surrounding, flat environment. A gate that looks the same as the fence is not that easy to pick out. Having to look for the gate in is frustrating and a nuisance for those who are not on the site regularly.