How Bathroom Mirrors Enhance Space and Light

Not all bathrooms are spacious and well-lit. Older homes often fail in this regard, especially if they were designed many years ago when no one thought the bathroom was very important. It was simply considered the place to have a quick bath or shave and leave as soon as possible so the others could use it. These days it is more of a place for rest and relaxation as well as for applying make-up and doing other beauty routines. Such things require light and space, but if your bathroom has neither, what can you do? There are simple ways and means of enhancing the light and space in a bathroom renovation.

Use Mirrors

We all know that mirrors are needed in the bathroom so that we can see what we are doing. Shaving, plucking, styling hair and adding make-up all need a mirror. However, mirrors also reflect other things apart from your face. If you place an additional mirror right opposite the window, your light will increase and so will your perception of space.

If there is no way you can hang another mirror in the bathroom, think about replacing the one you have with a much larger one. This too, will have a positive effect on the light and space of the bathroom. But what if the only wall space available is not opposite the window? Still place a mirror there because it will pick up at least some of the light and reflect it. Where else can you place a mirror? How about adding one to a cupboard door, the wall of a cupboard or the back of the door? There are many ways and means to add a mirror when you start to think outside the box.

A Mirrored Surface

It may also be possible to use mirrored surfaces rather than a mirror. Stainless steel reflects light, but not quite so well as an actual mirrored surface. Having mirrored tiles on the wall will create the same effect as a mirror, although they may be more expensive. However, consider that with more light in your bathroom you won’t need to use the light so much, so you will save a little on the power bill. Then again, you may not care a bit about the cost. Certainly, having the bathroom lighter and more pleasant will be worth it. What else can you do?


Not every bathroom is tiled, especially in older homes. If your bathroom is not tiled, you can easily repaint it a lighter colour. White will ensure that the bathroom is crisp and clean looking and will also make it look lighter, increasing the perception of space. Even just repainting the ceiling white will make a difference.

The Shower

Walls create shadows. If your bathroom has a solid wall shower stall, consider replacing it with a glass one. This will allow any light to stream through the whole bathroom and there will be no shadows to make it look dim. Changing the solid dividers to glass ones will also make your bathroom look quite a bit larger. You could also dispense with internal walls altogether. Some people feel that a shower is much easier to use if it is not contained within a small area. You won’t have to step over a low wall either, making using it much safer.