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How to Choose the Best Pots for Your Balcony

If you have ever been serious about growing plants in pots you may have had the experience of choosing a lovely big pot only to find you couldn’t move it once it was filled with potting mix and the plant. You may have had to get a stand with wheels on it in order to shift it around the patio. However, if you are choosing pots for your balcony there is another reason to get lightweight pots and that is the strength of the balcony floor. Using a heavy pot may mean you are limited to only one pot, if weight restrictions apply. Don’t forget it will be even heavier once you water it.

So the best pots for a balcony are actually lightweight ones; then you will be able to –

  • Have more pots
  • Not worry about the weight restrictions
  • Be able to move them about without wheels.

However, even though they are lightweight, they should still be sturdy, especially if your balcony is a windy one. You don’t want your pot plant to roll about in the wind, dropping out all that good potting mix so the roots of your plant dry out while you are at work.


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